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Hidradenitis Suppurativa Cream

Our specialized cream. Designed to ease pain, manage boils, and stimulate healing, it’s a reliable ally against Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS).



Our Hidradenitis Suppurativa treatment cream is designed to ease pain, manage boils, and stimulate healing, it’s a reliable ally against Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS).


  • Proprietary Blend of Essential Oils: Exclusively formulated Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) treatment cream is to maximize relief and recovery.
  • Coconut Oil: Nourishes and moisturizes, fostering a resilient skin barrier.
  • Shea Butter: Deeply hydrates, vital for skin repair and maintaining elasticity.
  • Beeswax: Locks in moisture, creating a protective layer on the skin.

Key Benefits:

  1. Eases Pain and Discomfort: Directly counteracts Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) related pain and discomfort.
  2. Stops Bleeding: Swiftly shortens how long an open wound bleeds.
  3. Promotes Healing: Actively aids in skin tissue recovery.
  4. Treats Open Wounds: Optimized for Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) induced open sores. Safe for direct application anywhere on the body, including the groin.
  5. Manages Boils:
    • Reduces boil size.
    • Alleviates boil pain.
    • Encourages boils to surface.
    • Assists in the drainage of matured boils.
  6. Reduces Inflammation: Tackles skin inflammation and related symptoms.
  7. Safe for All Body Parts: Suitable for every body area, including the groin.
  8. Does not Clog Pores: Contains essential oils low on the Comedogenic scale, ensuring it does not clog pores and keeps skin breathable.

Important Note For Pregnant or Nursing Mothers:

Do not use Hidradenitis Suppurativa treatment cream if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Please see our alternative: Hidradenitis Suppurativa Relief Ointment – Pregnancy-Safe Formula.

Hidradenitis Suppurativa treatment Cream Application Instructions:

  • Apply 4-6 times daily, ideally post showers, and at a minimum in the morning and evening.
  • For intensified care, apply a thick layer, let it absorb for 20 minutes, then massage it into the skin.
  • If using a bandage, apply a generous layer of the cream before placing it on the affected area.
  • For the best results, maintain consistent application for at least two weeks. Remember, consistency is the key to overall healing.

Summer Storage Note:

In case of liquefaction due to heat, refrigerate for 10-15 minutes. Once reset, it’s stable for regular storage.

Our Commitment:

Many have vouched for the positive impact of our Hidradenitis Suppurativa treatment cream. While individual outcomes may differ, our dedication to quality remains unchanged.

Additional information

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2 oz, 4 oz

304 reviews for Hidradenitis Suppurativa Cream

  1. Mukai Nyengerai

    I cannot believe it. To be honest, I had given up on my HS condition. I had two surgeries and the sinus tracts just kept coming back. I used so much money on anti inflammation drugs , creams and doctor visits but nothing worked. My HS got worse after I had my son. I wasn’t making much progress.

    One day whilst on tiktok I saw amazing ointments and to be honest I rolled my eyes, but I just decided to take a shot. It took a bit longer to work, but I didn’t give up. Doctors actually thought i was wasting time . I really can’t believe the results. My scars are much smaller, less puss draining and pain reduced significantly.

    Please buy if you can.

  2. Gabriela

    This cream is a life saver. It works instantly. If this cream didn’t exist I probably would want to die because this seems to be the only thing that works and helps my condition get better and feel better. These can be painful and very unpleasant. I apply this cream every day after I take a shower it helps to prevent a break out. If this shop owner ever stops making this cream I don’t know what I’ll do with my life. Please don’t ever stop 😭

  3. James

    Arrived On Time Like It Said Smells Like Healing ✨️Creamed✨️

  4. Michelle

    Love this product it really helps this is my second order

  5. Sable

    Wonderful item. Love how quickly it works

  6. Wendy

    Excellent product and customer service. I’ll be ordering again!

  7. Stephanie

    Have purchased multiple times. Always a great product.

  8. Julia

    I have only been using this for a few days now, but it is making a huge difference especially when it is applied several times through out the day. loving this product! I have very minimal HS pain now that I use this. the 2 oz might seem small but a little goes a long way.

  9. Sign in with Apple user

    This is a great product and I found that it actually has helped significantly

  10. Jamie

    I’ve been struggling with HS for years and have tried to make so many changes with little to no success. This cream is the best thing I’ve used yet.

  11. Jennifer

    Happy to have found this product!

  12. sheryll valerio

    10/10 my rescue, i love this cream it really helps with my bumps.

  13. Aminata

    Small but really effective, improve my hs but a mile. I noticed it started to heal more during an open wound.

  14. requita

    Second purchase. Wonderful product. Will continue to purchase.

  15. Inactive

    It really works I’ll will continue to purchase more for my daughter

  16. DJ

    Works really well. Only complaint is the price.

  17. Maria Avila

    Great product, really useful for me.

  18. Kirsten

    It smells delicious, it’s soothing, all natural.

  19. Theresa

    God blessed me to find this product a few years ago, and I’ve been purchasing it for my daughter ever since!

  20. Yani

    my partner absolutely loves this cream for their HS. thank you!

  21. Shay

    Pretty heavy on the zinc

  22. roberta

    As always the best product for me for this condition changed my life

  23. klabrec

    I have HS and see a specialist in Boston. There are treatments such as androgen blockers and antibiotics that can help. The androgen blockers didn’t work for me. This doctor says to wash with Head and Shoulders which has helped significantly, but isn’t something that makes it stop. I was hopeful that this would ease the pain of an eruption, but I didn’t feel much of a difference when I used it. Humira is an option, and I may try that.

  24. Linda

    Great cream and service, wish it was larger size but ty

  25. Niyah

    Been struggling w/ this condition for 8 years & NOTHING stops my flares like cream . Its my bible 👩🏾‍⚖️

  26. Niek

    60eu voor cream 40eu bezorgkosten 14 eu douane kosten kwakzalverij 😡

  27. Gale

    Have ordered this many times. The smell is not great, but it really works on HA. Will continue to buy to keep condition in check.

  28. Crystal

    My son says this really helps

  29. Sabrina

    A life changer excellent cream

  30. Christina

    The product was for my son and he states it made the pain stop right away.

  31. MK

    It really works! Highly recommend.

  32. Linda

    This is really helpful, it works on the pain

  33. Molalgn Marege

    It’s good thanks very much

  34. Chelsea

    I haven’t used it yet

  35. Tameka

    This cream works as it claims

  36. sianevermind

    Wonderful as always. This is probably my 6th or 7th jar!

  37. Anouk

    N n n n n

  38. Catherine

    I’m excited to use it!!

  39. Julia

    Just got this product in the mail today and can already feel relief from the pain!!! Cant wait to see what it can do for my HS.

  40. kennedy

    Great quality. I have ordered this several times. It helps me a ton & i know it would probably work a whole lot better if I stopped eating foolishness. But with a proper diet & this product I’m highly certain I’d have an extreme reduction in flair ups, if any. Just using this product alone I can feel & see a difference. I pray the ingredients never change. It is absolutely perfect. Everyone’s skin is different but if you’re considering purchasing, buy it. If nothing else, the herbaceous fragrance from the natural ingredients used ward off any possible odor & I can feel a reduction in pain a few minutes after applying, as it helps protect against chafing. I can’t wear deodorant under my arms due to the nature of my HS. so I use this & if you apply it as directed you’re covered all day. BUY IT.

  41. Miquael

    Shipping was very quick! This item is amazing! For the past 4 months, I’ve been having BAD flare ups with my HS. This last time left 2 nasty openings on the front of my armpit right where my bra rests and was constantly draining! Within 3 days, 1 of the openings closed up and the other opening is healing quickly as well! This cream is PHENOMENAL. I clean the area and apply and let it do its work. Even the pain has subsided significantly! I highly recommend! Thanks for this product. Very affordable and worth the try!

  42. Kendra

    Ive been using this 2 years and it helps better than anything thanks again!

  43. Diana

    This has been a repeat buy for me, it helps with my HS to manage it a little better 💜

  44. DJ

    Works better than anything else I’ve used

  45. Breauna

    I’m excited to try this product.

  46. Marcus Hawkins

    Great product!!! Will continue to purchase!

  47. sarah e davis

    nice to have some relief

  48. Tiffany

    This is my 2nd order!! I have no complaints!

  49. Louise

    Excellent product Fast service and delivery

  50. Missie

    Great product!! Highly recommend will definitely order again!

  51. Mark

    Life is good and this product helps

  52. Ciara

    So far this has helped a lot and I’ve only been using it for two days!

  53. Rockel


  54. Aubrey

    Super nice for HS and fast shipping!

  55. Alexis

    Check out the website! It’s just as easy to use and customer service is fantastic!

  56. Andrina

    Everything was great! Came right on time.

  57. jmokane

    This ointment is magic! Truly works to heal my skin outbreaks and smells divine! I couldn’t be happier with it. Also very appreciative for all the printed info that was provided. Will absolutely be buying more. 💜👍

  58. Sharon

    I’ve only been using this cream for 2 days and already I can see massive improvements, I can’t thank Michael enough for his support, I shall defiantly be ordering again! Anyone who’s hesitating in ordering please don’t you will be amazed at the results!! Thank you again Michael, I shall be ordering again !!

  59. Allie

    Amazingggg product!!! Healed a very nagging ongoing sore within a week using twice daily. Will continue to purchase this product. Some people complained that the smell was too strong but it’s honestly faint and not bad at all.

  60. beecher0501

    amazing product! this is the only thing I have found that works for HS. life changing

  61. Iyana

    I love it it’s healing me i I’ve be struggling with hs for so long get itt♥️♥️♥️

  62. Darryl

    so far ive been using this product for my HS, for about a week, im still waiting to see results, so for thier have been none!

  63. donna

    Believe it or not, last night was my daughter’s first and only time using this product. When I tell you she really suffers from this affliction. Underneath both her boobs are covered in these abscesses. They were all active when she applied the product. This morning she woke up and they are on their way to becoming dormant!! She’s thrilled! I was really going to give this product a couple weeks before reviewing. But to see the joy on my daughter’s face, I had to write this! Also she’s a very fussy person when it comes to putting product on her body. The texture has to be just right to not annoy her. Well this was non greasy, easy to apply and smelt amazing. You are a gift from God to people who suffer from HS. Continue your magic and thank you from the bottom of all our hearts!

  64. Rosaland

    So far so good. Hispain has decreased and his skin is healing after 1 week of use. We apply 2-3x a day. Thank you!

  65. Monica

    I have a 3×4 patch of skin with recurring boils for 2 years. The boil had drained but was still open and painful when I started the ointment. It began healing in 3 days, now almost 3 weeks later it’s nearly clear and even the scarring is lighter. There have been no eruptions so far either, usually by the time one went away another had started close to it. I’m very grateful and intend to buy again.

  66. Mike and Larissa

    Wow I literally used it for just one day and it sped up the healing process and by night time it had completely got rid of a marble sized cyst lump in my armpit! 🤯 fast shipping too which I’m super grateful for!

  67. De’Yuanna

    I really love it thank u so much I finally got a cream that works

  68. Ann

    Unfortunately, I’ve made 10 years’ worth of lifestyle changes and may need surgery for the glands in my underarms. However, I bought this item to calm flare-ups. It works okay but is not very powerful as my own home remedies. This cream also gave me a rash under my arm. Would be nice if every ingredient was listed for this product to know what irritated my skin.

  69. Monica

    So far so good ! Only a day and it’s working !

  70. Diona

    I have stage 3 HS. At first I was unsure but since my HS is so severe I was patient and consistent with application. The scent is soothing to me. It is a strong tea tree oil or essential oil scent but I actually was glad for it because it neutralizes any odors from draining boils. After 2 weeks areas that have been painful for months are healing. It’s worth a try and I will likely purchase again.

  71. Laura Clark

    The ointment itself is a great emollient, the only problem was the overpowering smell which literally made my eyes water. Altogether, a great ointment, but wear swimming goggles when applying!!

  72. camcknight32

    My package arrived much earlier than anticipated and came with instructions and suggestions that, in combination with this rub, worked wonders for my skin! The scent is strong but pleasant, particularly if using this in the groin area. I’m very pleased with this purchase. Thank you!

  73. Paula

    Smells great, shipped quickly, feels good on the skin

  74. Lydia

    Great product! I just received it yesterday and it already diminished the inflammation a lot! Also great customer service, the shipping tracking was a bit off (not at all the seller’s fault) and he immediately told me he’d send a new one!

  75. Monica

    This is my magical cream that creates a special smell good scent to my underarms that have boils. I feel confident now because of the fragrance of the cream, and I am starting to heal. I feel Blessed. Thank you soooooo much Michael.

  76. Naketa

    I can’t wait to try this out thank you so much

  77. Rose F

    I actually used it as soon as I received it and instantly I felt relief, so I will definitely repurchase!!! I would like to now know any recommendation for dark spots? I

  78. Samantha

    I absolutely love the cream . My skin has cleared up dramatically using this. I am really happy with this product.

  79. Gianna Mcnaughton

    God Bless Michael thank you! Don’t even think about it but it phenomenal customer service & gives you proper instructions.

  80. Jemini

    This stuff is magic ✨

  81. Gabriela

    This stuff is amazing! It smells SO good too. It healed me faster than antibiotics any other cream. I’m so happy I found this cream. I’m in love. I’ll definitely keep buying. I love the information sheet too. My item shipped really fast too! Thank you so much!

  82. Desiree

    Admittedly I was skeptical, but this is really working! I finally have relief! Thank you

  83. Amie

    Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼You will have better quality of life with out the discomfort of HS. My fiancé and I both have Hidradenitis suppurativa. This product 100% works on HS boils/blemishes.You have truly changed our lives. We both want to cry tears of joy, thank you from the bottom of our hearts thank you. Also thank you so much for helping and supporting the HS community with your products. I am now you life long customer. Please continue to sell this product! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 side note I have hs on my intimate area and I’ve noticed a huge difference after using this product, it makes the boil disappear with in 5 hours it was COMPLETELY GONE! My fiancé has hs on his butt, after applying the product I’ve noticed the blemishes disappeared and the scars were lightening! LIKE OMG out lifelong scars are finally going always 😭❤️ ❤️💕TY🤗

  84. Liz

    It really does help reduce inflammation!

  85. La’Nae

    Omg this is heaven sent! Works amazing. Will order more, happy for the bigger size. I ordered 2 bottles to make sure I didn’t run out. I’m start other treatment and taking prednisone for my HS and taking oral steroids with this ointment has helped so much. You are not alone in this HS fight. May we all find relief soon.

  86. Alexis

    Thank you ! I’ve suffered for far to long . I will purchase again soon !

  87. Clair

    I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin with this cream. I’ve been struggling with discoloration & flare ups since pregnancy & this is the first time in over a year where my skin looks normal. Package came with extra skin tips & everything arrived on time. Thank you!

  88. victoria200511

    This is so amazing!!! Thank you

  89. Abby

    Super loved it and it works !!!!!

  90. brittany

    Amazing and the additional information is wonderful! It’s difficult to go through some of these issues but nice to have someone that is trying to help!!!

  91. Cecilia

    I got this for my husband who has HS. It’s been almost a week now since my husband started using it daily, & he says it’s working very well for him so far! It’s a miracle, really!! He has been going to doctors, & tried everything!! I had even bought $100 worth of stuff om Amazon & it still didn’t give him any relief from it, until I found this! Please never stop making this stuff!!

  92. Hannah

    Order came fast, and product seems to work great

  93. Davonia

    It irritated my skin more on the first try not sure if that means it’s working or not , just stopped using

  94. Allyson

    I’ve been dealing with HS for years. I am a type 1 diabetic so I get flare ups pretty regularly. This ointment has really helped alleviate the pain and reduce the open sores. I love the smell! Definitely worth the try if you’re contemplating!

  95. Jessica brown

    I bought this for my father. It’s been 3 days and hasn’t helped any. Will give update if it improves

  96. Q

    It is slowly improving! I have a really bad case of HS!!!

  97. marrissapenney4

    I can’t say enough good things about this company!! I have HS and if you know, you know. This has been the one and only thing to give me relief and help the pain/flares. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making such an amazing product and genuinely caring about the people you’re selling to. Cannot recommend this cream enough!

  98. Kendra

    I love this product. Before it would hurt so bad to have my thighs touch when I had a flare up but this stuff really does wonders

  99. Cheryl

    The stuff works like magic. And super fast delivery.

  100. Jennifer

    Love how well this has worked for my son!!! Thank you!!! The picture is the difference OVERNIGHT in the redness of the upper area of his arm.

  101. Valerie

    This product smells great. It arrived quickly in secure packaging with helpful information. I can’t really tell if it’s working yet, but I feel like the maker understands the problem. Ingredients are clearly identified, which is helpful.

  102. Natalie

    This stuff is amazing! I have been suffering with pain under my armpit from open sores and cyst…. It’s clearing up my skin and I feel no more pain!!! Thank you so much! And don’t ever stop making this!!

  103. Abby

    Thank you. REALLY WORKS it’s a must if you suffer from HS.

  104. Heather

    I really like how this products helps with the pain and duration of my HS flareups. Works better than ointments I have bought at the store for more money. Loved the hint by another review to use a hair dryer to melt the top layer first.

  105. Devon Smalls

    Unmatched quality and extremely helpful thanks a million always

  106. Carlos

    Excellent product. I have been using it for a week after a shower and it has lower inflammation and pain. Thank you.

  107. Briah

    I can’t believe how thoughtful this seller is! He even included helpful tips from a dermatologist regarding this skin condition. The salve is of very good quality and packaging was excellent. I’m so excited to see how well this works for me! Thank you!

  108. William

    All is good, second time ordering and would like to see if it helps at all. I was wanting to give it 3 months.

  109. Roman

    Best cream ever, better than paying out of pocket for ridiculous 300 dollar prescription cream for it, Thank this brilliant man for this amazing cream, buy it help yourself feel better and live a better life!

  110. Delma

    Love this stuff!!!!!

  111. hsm1208

    This sadly didn’t work for me. But I did appreciate the quick shipping and the informative papers the seller included.

  112. librarian0269

    I love how this emulsifies into an oil to be massaged into the affected area. It actually helped ease the pain minutes after application! Lots of ❤️ Thanks a bunch!!!

  113. Lisantica

    I’ve been on Humira for 3 months and I don’t know if the shots finally started working or if it was starting this product that helped. Sure is a coincidence that I start this cream and I finally have relief. The day after I started using this cream, my boils were less swollen and some of them burst. Time will tell if it continues to give me relief, but I went ahead and order two more jars. It does have an earthy, herb type of smell, but people around me say they can’t smell it, but since it’s on me, I can. It’s not offensive though, just a bit strong since I’m not used to having any perfume or anything with an aroma on me. With HS, you can get desperate wanting relief, I have found it at this time in this cream.

  114. Chantanee

    I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend as he struggles terribly with HS…I ask him all the time if he likes it/thinks it’s working and he says his HS symptoms has gotten slightly better while using this ointment. BUY IT.

  115. MA

    More than the product, I am amazed how much effort the seller put in the package. I appreciate the notes you have put outlining how to properly care my hs condition ❤️

  116. Deborah Akanya

    Best ointment ever, takes the pain and bleeding away. Lesions healed so quickly and so far has been preventing new ones from popping up. Shipping was good and a very good value for money spent. Plus the seller includes a guide on HS that had very helpful tips.

  117. Andrea

    This was for my daughter. She has tried many remedies with no relief. This seems to be really helping!

  118. Gale

    This is my second order for a friend. He has expressed how much this has helped. I see more orders in the future!

  119. Nikia

    It smells good! Can’t report the results, I have a severe case of HS.

  120. Krystal

    Honestly this thing works! It really helps to lower down inflammation or to make the draining process quicker.

  121. Janise

    2nd time of buying this. Got bigger size this time. works great.

  122. kenamena

    has been working to lower inflammation, been using for about two weeks.

  123. ericauz

    I wish the price was a bit lower … I need about 3 of these a month, but can only afford 1.. love it so much tho

  124. Kendra

    Works really good to pull mucus out

  125. Anna

    Definitely offers some major relief!

  126. Tori

    The shipping was super fast, I felt like I got this within 2 days. I have been using it once daily for awhile I have a very mild case of HS at the moment. It seems to have taken down the inflammation well. The only negative is the smell but I understand that’s just part of the natural ingredients!

  127. Theresa

    This cream was a lifesaver! It shipped quickly, was packaged well, and most importantly, worked quickly! I was out of pain within 2 days. This worked so much better than my prescription antibiotic. I couldn’t sit because of the pain, and within 3-4 days, my problem area was 90% invisible and I was back to riding my bike. Thank you for this wonderful product. I have my life back!

  128. Monica

    I don’t really want to say too much about this item yet. I have only used it about week. However I am shocked at how the pain and rawness has been helped. I have had HS for about 50 years now and have never had anything that helped. I am really pleased. I only use it twice a day. But it is such a relief. Thank you so much for this product. I hope it always works.

  129. Andrea

    This has helped an HS area that has been active for weeks! Now it’s completely better and I’m left speechless. Definitely recommend!!!

  130. Precious

    It actually work awesome will order more soon.

  131. Gracia

    Fast shipping!! can’t wait to give this to my sibling for christmas!

  132. Alanna

    yes I love this product 🤩

  133. Yugan

    Fantastic product and it’s been helping to heal an open lesion. Great service as well from seller. Thank you very much.

  134. maryanne

    Putting this on my flares has brought them to a head and they popped on their own and drained!! The smell is really strong, but this product definitely works!

  135. inactive

    It is amazinggggggggg I am obsessedddd i have this skin condition and this is literally the only thing that has helped me tremendously! I am so grateful I could literally cry!❤️ I want and NEED more🤗

  136. Veronica-Guadalupe

    I use it when I have flair upsand with relives the pain and helps heal faster

  137. shamewilli

    OMG!!!! ALL I Have to say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I CAN’T SAY THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!. I’ve been dealing with HS for over 25 years and this is the first product that has ever worked. This stuff is AMAZING! THIS CREAM IS A MIRACLE! I AM SO GRATEFUL! I passed this disease down to my daughter unfortunately, but now I am so happy to finally have found something that truly works and that will keep her from getting to the stage I got to. This will allow her to live her life and has given me a new lease on mine. Again THANK YOU SO MUCH MICHAEL, FOR MAKING THIS PRODUCT! MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU IN EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE!!!🙏🏾👼🏿❤️

  138. Kona

    This is my 2nd time buying this seller and honestly it works wonders. I put it on right after a shower and massage it to where my hs is strong. And it also leaves the skin feeling a lot smoother!

  139. Lauren

    Iv been using a week now i was skeptical because as im sure yall know an yourselves have tried alot of stuff but iv used this an have to say its worked 85% iv had a few still come up but i got to say this is great smells nice comes with some recommendations on other ways to help it worth the buy! Thank you!!!

  140. Daniela

    I have struggled with HS for years. I’ve pretty much lost all hope from seeing dermatologists. I’ve been using this for over a month now, some days I forget to use at all because I’m a college student.. but I feel like I have noticed a difference! Yes, my cysts still open occasionally but they’re not as bad or painful. This product and along with some other things I’ve been doing have overall helped. The smell isn’t my favorite, but I look past it since it’s been working so well. I can’t wait to see further results for the future! And I will be definitely buying more!

  141. Emil

    I bought this during a bad breakout and have noticed huge improvement in the area with daily use!

  142. Julie

    It didn’t work for me but hopefully it does for others!

  143. Brandon Douglas

    yo big ol huge shout out to michael this guy is amazing i ordered from him because i fight and have been fighting with H.S. for years and after just a few hours i could feel the change and relief will be ordering a hell of a lot more im so ready to get my life back to normal so i just want to say a huge ass thank you to michael u are the champ!!!!!!

  144. Megan

    My HS is mild compared to others, but I still get wounds in my underarms and between my legs. So far this ointment has helped mostly to soothe the areas mentioned. The smell to me is quite medicinal not bad but certainly not your favorite perfume either. I put it on at night before bed and wash it off in the morning. I’ll continue to use this to help with my HS symptoms because I haven’t found anything else that helps nearly as well.

  145. Philip

    Amazing cream, use it 2x daily maintenance and 3-4x when having flare ups. Doesn’t cure it but makes my life manageable. Please never stop making this!

  146. Rachel

    I’m obsessed. I’m so grateful that someone has made a topical product for us HS Sufferers. It’s been years of pain and doctors that know nothing about this, but want to keep you coming back to the office over and over for a follow up & to refill yet another antibiotic. This is probably my 5th jar. Please buy if you suffer. Customer service was also the greatest I’ve ever had. ♥️

  147. Brian

    Thank you. Hope it helps.

  148. Kelsey

    This stuff is amazing! Helps relieve pain and heals scarring!

  149. lisa

    Wanted to love it but I get better results with both emuaid and Puriya wonder balm

  150. Janae

    I heard about this ointment through multiple sources. A lot of people swore by it so I decided to give it a try. It really works!! The healing process is still slow for me which is expected (not the ointments fault), but it definitely helps with inflammation if you have it, and provides a lot of relief during the healing process of the skin. Would buy again.

  151. Chanel

    One of the best products for my HS!!!

  152. Tori

    Seller shipped the morning after ordering. It works wonders. I just ordered the new 4oz size and will continue to keep a supply of it. Thank you!

  153. Veronica

    This ointment is Amazing!!! I applied just a small amount to the painful underarm boil. I awakened the next morning with the boils draining and no pain and irritation. I will say that the area itches a lot, but I will take that over painful boils.

  154. Delma

    This product has been amazing for me…. Communications with the seller have been positive. Michael respond promptly and is truly passionate about what he’s doing. Thanks Michael and thanks Etsy!

  155. Otoikhine Otibhor

    Expectations abut to be met

  156. Monica

    This cream has a refreshing scent. It helps zap unpleasant odors and leaves my skin feeling soothed. I wish the containers were bigger and that the product would arrive quicker but it is a true miracle for me. I’m asking all of my Loved ones to get me more for Christmas. If I come into any money anytime soon, I’m going to buy soooooo much to stock my shelves and pay a jar forward to someone in need.

  157. vicki

    Purchased for my daughter who has a really bad time with HS! She just sent me this text…”That cream you ordered works good. Currently keeping the flares two spots at bay. “

  158. Megan

    My skin is sensitive and this doesn’t irritate it! Still waiting to see actual results but I haven’t had it very long. Fast shipping!

  159. Felicia

    I’ve been using this product along with hibiclens soap and it has greatly reduce my HS just after 1 week! This cream has a strong herbal scent that I don’t really like but the healing properties makes it worth it!The shipping was very fast and I appreciate that it came with instructions and tips on how to reduce HS.

  160. Tanya

    Defiantly helps reduce the size of HS boils. I get painful lumps on my jaw area and within 4 days of using the product the size and pain was reduced significantly. I’ve been treating it as acne and it wasn’t working and after being recommended this I realized I’ve been living a lie my whole life. It’s not acne.

  161. Moss

    The quality is super nice. This stuff also smells amazing and herbaly. love it! Cant wait to see how well it works.

  162. Kimberly

    Amazing!!!!! It works wonders and it smells good!!!

  163. Renada McKoy

    Starting working with the very first application!!!! Day 2 only got better. Thank you so much.

  164. divanova

    Michael was really nice and swift, I love the product and have seen changes within a week. I am not magically „healed“ and did not expect that, but have significant improvment. Looking forward to check out the FB group!

  165. roberta

    As always this awesome and was life changing for me! Thank you more than you can ever know!

  166. Kyla Altimus

    Shipping was super fast. Even had a paper about hs which I thought was really awesome. Haven’t tried it yet but I’m hoping it works!

  167. Theresa

    Always exceptional . Thank you so much

  168. Delma

    This product is amazing…so far it’s done wonders for the HS I was diagnosed with. Mine isn’t as bad as others but it wouldn’t hurt to try it out.

  169. Alisha

    I really want to thankyou guys for this amazing product. I have been suffering for 3 yrs and I discovered a pond this product and it has been working. I love it. I just want to thankyou for the product. God bless🙏🙏😘

  170. daniella

    second time buying it, definitely a must have product

  171. Tazia

    I’m not a fan of the smell, but works great!

  172. Kerry

    This really helps my HS. I was skeptical at first as I’ve used many different prescription meds and nothing seems to help. I’ve used this for over a month and I haven’t experienced any flare-ups and my skin looks and feels so much better.

  173. Miranda

    It’s amazing. Cleared up an area I have been dealing with for a long time. First product that has ever worked for me. The smell is a bit strong, but totally worth it! Thank you soooo much🖤

  174. Donnell

    I bought this product for my girlfriend because she has HS and she loved it. The product helped improve her self confidence and her skin. Using this product helped my baby reach a balance in her life after she started to have HS in her mid teens. The only problem my girlfriend had with the product is that it didn’t come in a bigger size.

  175. Tabathia

    Wow! I’m at a total loss for words. I’ve been battling this condition for almost 10 years now and have never used anything with this type of healing power. I used directly on a open lesion and it was healed literally in two days. Thank you so much for making this product. You have definitely gained a loyal customer. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️

  176. Trierra Moore

    First time using it today! Love how it spreads and feels on the skin, so far so good will post again when I’ve used it for at least 2 weeks.

  177. dthurston1981

    This cream hasn’t cleared up my HS, but it at least smells nice.

  178. Tenika

    I have been diagnosed with HS since 2014. I have been on every antibiotic or treatment you can think of. This stuff will not go away. It’s depressing at times but I push forward. Now this cream stinks, it has a loud smell something similar to Vicks vapor rub.. It’s light weight. I have used an entire jar under my arms, between my breast and buttocks and my inner thigh and it didn’t help at all. I don’t recommend this cream.

  179. kathyrowells

    Received promptly and pretty sure this works.

  180. Dezurae

    Works!!! Need to order more!!

  181. Kandice

    Love this so much! I’m about to order again. It’s soothing and refreshing in addition to helpful.

  182. Shawn

    Just received the package, a lot smaller than you think so if you’re having a strong outbreak where you need to apply regularly I would buy an extra. They were super sweet and friendly, sent me another one when my first package didn’t get received. Use a dryer to warm it up so it spreads on easier!

  183. monicadthompson09

    Love this product! It has really helped with the itching and inflammation. Will definitely purchase again!

  184. Glenda

    Great smell and feel when applying. Definitely took away pain and seemingly reversed/diminished some of the damage. Still have breakouts as I am a chronic level but it has changed the overall look of one area and reduced pain. Going to keep using for long term results.

  185. Robin

    Absolutely amazing!!! I have seen about a 75% improvement in about 3 weeks of use. Nothing I have used in the past even helped a little bit!! I wish you had a product for the dark spots the bumps left behind. I will be ordering on a regular basis for sure!

  186. Tara

    I absolutely love this stuff. It helped my wounds that have been open for months finally start to heal.

  187. shabby

    I love this ointment! It soothes my open wounds!

  188. Kim Lien

    Been using this everyday. Smell is unique and it’s been helping with my flares!

  189. Michelle

    I wanted to try this for atleast 2 weeks before I gave an honest review. I tried it 4 times a day for 2 weeks and it has helped, they have not gone away but have gotten smaller. Out of everything I have tried and there was alot this did help.

  190. Aurora

    Second jar. This has definitely helped me. It’s not a miracle however I will still use and buy, exceeded my expectations!

  191. inactive

    I did not expect it to work as amazing as it did. I am on meds twice daily and constant sores. My sores have closed completely within the week of me using. They have not opened up. I use it once daily unless I need to after working out. Worth the purchase!

  192. Theresa

    Product works. Thank you so much. Wish it was a bigger package otherwise worth it.

  193. roberta

    Awesome and amazing as always!

  194. Otoikhine Otibhor

    Oct 5, 2021

  195. Anita

    This cream is a amazing!!! It works!!! It helps heal fast

  196. Sara

    The effort he has put into providing relief for this condition touches my heart. I love this product and will be a loyal customer!!! Thank you for being a wonderful human being!!

  197. Melissa

    This stuff is amazing!! Worked so well for a terrible very very swollen outbreak. Helped ease the pain almost instantly and worked to clear it up quickly! Will be ordering another jar just to have on hand.

  198. Sydney

    I highly recommend this for anyone looking to treat their HS. It is highly effective!

  199. Arie

    This product is absolutely amazing. I received my product within 2-3 days after ordering. I’ve used the product twice so far & it’s already working. For years I didn’t know what was going on with my own body. I am self diagnosed & so relieved to have found a product that works for me. Will be shipping again, 10/10 recommend. Thank you so much!

  200. Jasmine

    If used 2x a day it will clear up really fast love this stuff the only thing that has made a difference

  201. inactive

    I searched for a product that would help my daughter relieve some of the symptoms that come with HS. I decided on this one of all the ones I saw, and it has been a blessing. She loves it and plans on doing a review of it on her YouTube channel!

  202. inactive

    Fast delivery and communication was excellent

  203. Tonya Mcneal

    Awesome product…does everything it’s intended to.

  204. Nicole

    Seller is very passionate about his product and cares ! It has taken all my pain away ! It’s still there slightly but definitely made a huge difference! Definitely will continue to use and I’m so thankful I found it . Thank you so much for all you do!

  205. Emily

    This is a good cream. It’s not a miracle cure for me but it definitely helps with the pain of HS.

  206. karlisprouse

    Love it! Actually works! It’s amazing

  207. Ashran

    Ever since I’ve been using this, I have been getting less flare ups.

  208. Kona

    Thank you very much! I’m so looking forward to using this product! And also thank you for the treatment guidelines, it definitely helps a lot

  209. Laura

    Awesome product! Helped right away and continues to improve my skin.

  210. Wendy

    2nd time ordering. this is a game changer for my HS. don’t hesitate!

  211. Alexis

    If i could leave zero stars I would. I never received my product because the seller shipped it to somewhere in a completely different state, i even paid extra for faster shipping.

  212. Emma

    When I first realized this cream actually works for my HS I cried. I’ve suffered for over 15 years and nothing has ever stopped it in its tracks like this ointment has. I’m completely and utterly blown away. The cream itself smells amazing. I personally like it in its melted and oily form better because it spreads easier, so I take a hairdryer to the first layer then apply it to my entire affected area before I go to bed and then again when I wake up. The directions say to apply it to the bumps but at the moment I don’t have any (!!!!) It took me about 3 months to go through a jar. I will be a life long customer until I hopefully go into remission. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Michael! You changed my life! ❤️

  213. Brandi

    So far it seems To have helped. Haven’t had any issues in the last week.

  214. Anna

    This cream is the TRUTH. After being diagnosed with H.S, I was in search for a natural remedy rather than medications, and (thank god) I came across this cream on Etsy. I applied to the areas I was having faire ups, and I am already seeing results in about 4 days of use. While this cream won’t completely eliminate HS, it makes it way more comfortable to live with. The seller is more than amazing and even leaves a little pamphlet that has tips for living with HS. Thank you, seriously, for dedicating your time to help people like me. I will be stocking up on this cream!

  215. pouliotmatthew

    This ointment is not an instant cure for HS, but it does help manage the pain and inflammation over time. Be patient and you will see results! Also the shop owner is very thoughtful. They shipped the item very quickly and included two pages of notes and tips about how to use the product but also how to help manage the disease. This was such a nice gesture, as so many people do not even know what HS is. I felt understood and cared for that the shop owner took time to create extra sheets of information to send with the product. Highly recommend!!!

  216. jocelynf16

    Slight difference in my wounds on my armpit. Had this product for awhile and use it few times a day. Only slight difference from my open wounds and it’s smaller now. Also not keen on the smell. Will keep using and hope this helps me.

  217. Kellie

    I was in a bad flare up when I started using this and it cleared up within a few days. I was skeptical but it just works. If for nothing else, it relieves the itching and acts as a deodorant for when the flare up is so bad that I can’t even use regular deodorant. I’m happy with my purchase and I would definitely recommend to others dealing with this awful condition.

  218. Phailyn

    I bought this for my cousin dealing with this condition. She advised that the cream unfortunately made her break out but she does have extremely sensitive skin. Upside that it does have a good smell!

  219. roberta

    This product is life changing! I suffered with this disease for years and this is the only thing that has really helped with the pain and other symptoms! Try it you will be so happy! Mike is also super supportive, helpful and kind!

  220. Lauren

    My OB GYN advised me that it was not ingrown hairs I was experiencing when they were all over my body and it groups that it was more than likely Hydradenitis. She also advised me there was nothing really they could prescribe for specifically this. I could not find anything only and came across this stuff on Etsy. Absolutely amazing, even for severe cases. About to order my second jar now!

  221. Lindsey

    This might be the miracle you’re looking for if you suffer from HS. I have had HS for years and it’s so embarrassing, it’s uncomfortable and in the worst spots. I had a huge open wound that was looking like it might of been infected, hurt so bad. I got this in the mail finally and started applying it 3-4x a day and it’s healing and doesn’t hurt anymore. If this continues to help with new HS sores, I will stock up on this product. Really happy so far and also so thankful to of stumbled on this product.

  222. Aurora

    Seems to be working! Did come in liquid bit I put in refrigerator and now it’s firm. I think I’ll be buying more for sure.

  223. justina

    Awesome this product is amazing been using a week and seen amazing improvements thank you for you research and time giving to help people who are dealing with HS

  224. Allegra

    It does seem to help with pain and some inflammation, I just wish the jar was bigger for the price especially when you have large areas to cover. It is easy to spread and works well with the pain for at least 4-5 hours.

  225. Julexus

    I would highly recommend this product for sure

  226. Tia

    This Ointment is the truth!! It is amazing!! I will be ordering again!!

  227. Debra

    I have been fighting HS for 25 years! I recently diagnosed myself due to many visits with many doctors. So far this product has done wonders!! I wash with Hibicleanse and then apply ointment. Results are seen in days! So happy, thank you!! I can wear shorts again!!!!

  228. cvalent410

    This product is excellent. It is the only cream that has given me relief. Pleasant odor.

  229. Tisha

    Haven’t tried yet but can’t wait hoping it will aid in HS journey

  230. Diana

    I couldn’t wait to get this in the mail. I was having a really bad flare up when it arrived. I started using it daily. I have HS on both of my underarms. For the first time ever, one of my underarms was completely clear of bumps, while the other one cleared more than it ever had. I will definitely be buying this again.

  231. kimdoan

    I was really, really hoping this would help my son’s HS. After a week of applying at least 2-3 times a day, nothing, absolutely nothing. I want my money back.

  232. jessek

    I have some HS acne on my face. I was worried about trying a new product because my skin is very sensitive. Michael was very helpful and prompt in answering my questions. The ointment did not cause any problems with my skin. It was moisturizing without being too heavy. I put it on some acne that was healing, and it seemed to speed up the healing time. I also noticed that those spots didn’t look as scarred or dark. It did not help to prevent new acne or do much of anything for acne spots that were inflamed. I will continue to use it to help with healing my acne spots though.

  233. Hillary

    This item came with a really thoughtful and helpful information sheet. So far, I’m liking the cream a lot, and it seems like it will be helpful in the longer term. Happy with this purchase!

  234. Charlene

    Can’t believe it work! Highly recommend

  235. Aqua

    Didn’t expect much because I’ve tried everything for my HS but I’ve seen a HUGE improvement in just a week! Definitely worth it!

  236. Asiagho

    Magic in a container! No more antibiotics and annoying prescriptions, it just works.

  237. Dahja

    I can’t wait to use the product. The seller did state product may melt due to heat and no preservatives. The post office could have handled the package better the jar that melted wasted in the box. Update I just had a small flare up and I used some of this ointments and it took away the pain and it is going down I love this stuff I am a forever customer

  238. daniella

    When I was looking at all the good reviews before buying, It almost made me more skeptic, “can it really be that good?” . After purchasing and trying it I can say that yup, its really that good. Literally overnight I saw a difference not only with the pain (pain relief happened immediately) but with the size of the bumps decreasing immensely. I usually never go back to leave reviews but im so satisfied with this product that I need to share!!! Ive been using it for around 3 days now and the difference is incredible. I can now walk normally without waddling in pain trying not to irritate my inner thighs. This is life changing! Wish I could give 10 stars

  239. Dajhore

    So it came a tad late meaning 2-3 days but i contacted the seller and he let me know when it was going out. He was very nice and after that it came 2days later. Product smells great love the tub it comes in. Worked dry well first time I used it. Will continue to use. Thanks Michael!!!

  240. EsmeQ

    I received the package but it had oozed out and I’m not sure about the texture it should have, it was sorta watery but I stirred it with a wood tongue depressor and now it’s more of a thick cream texture. Has a nice smell and appears to be working so far!! 🤞🤞 thank you!!

  241. nadya

    fast shipping can’t wait to try the product!

  242. kyla

    the item has amazing quality and it came in pretty quickly overall really happy with my purchase

  243. inactive

    The label says “cream” so I was expecting a lotion-based ointment. But it was more like an oil. Think of it as movie theater popcorn butter. The texture and look of it was exactly like melted butter except it won’t solidify. I guess I wasn’t expecting a liquid but more of a cream as it states. The packaging was a little wet from the oil and some of it seeped out. The “oil” is smooth and feels great while putting it on, although I don’t see or feel a difference yet. My wound is still open and sore. I will give it another week or so before I try the next topical.

  244. Mary Jones

    The ointment really helps the pain and itching. This is my second jar and I use it off and on all day. It does not make the lesions go away but as I said earlier, it helps with the pain and itching. Also they are super fast sending the product to me. I can order on a week end day and by Wednesday or Thursday, my ointment is there. That is awesome, especially when you are in pain. I have other family with this condition so I have recommended it to them also.

  245. Felicia

    I had a boil starting in my armpit…put this ointment on and boom! in one day it started shrinking and the pain subsided. amazing!

  246. Ellie

    This product is *amazing*! It cleared up my husband’s condition so fast! Now he doesn’t get those big sores and boils anymore!! Thank you so much! We will definitely order again!

  247. Elsa

    I can’t believe how fantastic this product works! Thank you so much!! Bought this for my daughter and within a couple of days her cysts have almost disappeared we are so very happy to have found you!

  248. Jono

    This stuff is MAGIC. Seriously, it worked on a super bad case of Hidradenitis Suppurativa / Folliculitis that was driving me nuts. I even A/B tested it with some prescription that I got from the DR and it worked better. Crazy. Note that it melts in high heat so if it’s hot where you live it might be a little liquid-y when you get it – store it somewhere a little cooler.

  249. NRS

    This stuff is amazing. It’s Alleviated any cysts I had then my pits. Which is where my HS shows up on me. I apply it once or maybe twice daily and it’s reduced the cysts in size. I’m going to keep using this along with keeping my diet clean of sugar, flour and processed foods and hoping the HS is kept at bay. The only negative part is the packaging. It leaks a little in transit. Surely a glass pot with rubber ring of some sort would be better than the plastic pot it’s packaged in now?

  250. Nicole

    This works unbelievably well !! I pray it’s not just a coincidence and this will work long term!!! I’ve been using faithfully for 1 week now and the difference is remarkable!!

  251. Tasha

    so far it’s working for him thank you so much

  252. Shannon

    I’ve had HS for over 10 years. I’ve tried the antibiotics, which work, but make me sick for 3 months. I’ve tried many prescription creams, and none of them work. Within days of using this product, the redness, and outbreaks have calmed down. Thank you so much.

  253. Laura

    This product is already helping my HS symptoms within 24 hours of using this cream. Amazing!

  254. April

    The jar is tiny and it doesn’t work at all. No change in skin after many uses. This is a joke, all other reviews must have been paid for.

  255. Sarai

    Someone who suffers with HS I have been in severe pain for a few weeks glad I bought this cream I have been applying it constantly for the past two days and let me tell you this stuff works! My open wound has close up swollen area is down and no pain!

  256. Reana

    It’s working wonders and I’m no longer will continue to use for better results but if definitely took my pain away.

  257. Cheryl

    Hoping this will help with my daughter’s HS flareup.

  258. Kelly

    My husband was pretty much desperate for something from what we think is HS, he’s been dealing with this for a few years and this has really helped him, some of the open bumps were almost completely healed after using this for 2 nights. Thank you soo much!

  259. martinezsarina

    This stuff is amazing, I felt relief the first day I started using it! The seller also provided a little guide for HS which is helpful. I will be a returning customer

  260. Natália

    I don’t have enough words to describe this ointment!!! I have been suffering with HS for 2 years and this is the first time something has actually helped me. I saw all the amazing reviews and decided to give it a chance and it was the best thing I did. It arrived super fast! I’ve been using it for only a week and it’s already so much better. The pain is all gone and the wounds are all closed up and healing. I will never live without this again. If you suffer with HS you should definitely give this ointment a try!!! And to the person who created this: Thank you so much for the caring!!!! ♥️♥️♥️

  261. Ann

    it worked. it healed. awesome.

  262. Walnise

    Fast shipping!

  263. Za boy

    Just wow. Nothing has ever worked for my hidradenitis. I used this product a total of two applications and my boils under armpits are cleared up. Literally fkn AMAZING. If u have this condition and dont buy this. Look just try its is a worth every penny…i will be buying more.

  264. hwheeler61

    thank u so much it came on time

  265. Samoya Peterkin

    Helped clear up a few pimples quickly. They have not returned.

  266. Abby

    Amazing!! I suffered from HS since I was a child, and never found anything to help… 3 days with this stuff applying a few times a day and already noticed a huge difference and relief!! 10000/10 recommend to anyone dealing with this awful and annoying disorder

  267. Victoria

    I never received it .. Please advise what happened

  268. Amy

    I have what I think is HS. Although I haven’t been “diagnosed” with HS. I have what seems to be after doing tons of research. Alot is scaring from over the years of not knowing how to treat them. I came in contact with this company. I am so thankful I did! Within a hr it took away some of the cluster. I ordered it Fri and got it today Monday, with results! I have tried SO many different things. From BoilGone, dark spot creams, cleansers, just about every recommendation. I haven’t seen a Dermatologist due to Health insurance. I did take pictures of the worst ones I have. Will update if the go away. I’m so self conscious. But they are reducing! I am in total shock I found a product that is helping me day 1. Now I just need to figure how to lighten the scarring.

  269. Renee

    arrived early. first treatment during the day, went for the second treatment tonight and can already see a difference and the pain is gone. this stuff is miracle worker. have suffered from HS for years and am so relieved I have finally found something that works! definitely recommend! 5/5

  270. Jono

    Great stuff; totally works. Thank you so much for making this! My skin condition was super bumming me out but this stuff really helped it heal up.

  271. Kathryn

    This is nothing short of a miracle. I had immediate pain relief, and within two days, it was as if the HS was never there. The smell is comforting, and application is easy. I wish to never be without this. Thank you thank you thank you.

  272. Josie

    Happy I received my item so fast

  273. Katie

    Can’t say enough good things about this product!

  274. christine

    I have had mild hs for about 2 years now and I came across this cream on Etsy and gave it a shot I’ve only been using it for about a week in a half and I haven’t had any recent open wounds and haven’t had any pain. I recommended this and I will keep using it. Shipping was also pretty fast and the ointment came intact😊

  275. Brooke

    Shipped extremely quick and arrived early. So far I just tried it for the first time, and it already has seemed to soothe the affected areas instantly. I’ve struggled with HS for years & after reading the reviews, I figured I’d give this cream a shot. Thank you so much for creating this! I’m excited to keep using & see the long term results.

  276. tenaya

    I never write reviews but this deserves one, have suffered with so much pain these last few month, I have only users this for 3 days now and I can finally move around a sleep! So happy I found this

  277. Wendy

    really pleased with this product. I’ve suffered for years. helps heal and so soothing. finally!

  278. Theene

    The people I purchased this item from were very helpful and the product works great I’m noticing a difference already and it’s only day 2.

  279. Lindsey

    I was very happy with the way this product arrived. I haven’t been able to use it yet but had open it expecting to have to mix this every use but it was mixed very well. I love that it came with a caring, personal note from the seller along with suggestions to fight HS and resources you can use.

  280. Michelle

    Amazing, really affective in calming HS

  281. kbryant1892

    Love this stuff! So soothing!

  282. ale

    ordered as a gift .. BEWARE ! when you open this be careful ! i opened it and spilled almost half of the container because i didnt read the letter that came with it lol . It doesnt have perservative so its very liquidy like coconut oil . smells great and seems like it gives that calming effect.

  283. Raven

    It’s okay, I appreciated the fact that this was made for us, folks with H. S. It does bring me comfort from time to time. However I don’t think I need to buy again. I think it’s still worth a try. H.S. is a difficult disease. I find that you just have to try things out until you find what works.

  284. sramirez212121

    love this stuff helps alot to sooth break outs

  285. Claudine

    This product really works. It is helping my daughter with her Hidradenitis. Thank you. I have been looking fir something that would help her with this.

  286. Cheryl

    I was a bit sceptic, but tool a chance. And I am so glad I did. It helped my family member rather fats. It took a total of about 4 days.

  287. Melanie

    I bought this for my daughter who has been suffering for years. It has helped heal the open cysts, scarring, and soothes the area! Thank you for making this for us!

  288. Tamika

    Great product I really like it.

  289. Elaine

    the shipping was super fast

  290. Katie

    Truly is amazing!

  291. Kasey

    This product smells amazing and I have found that it has helped with my flare ups of HS. Would definitely buy again!

  292. briana2fye

    Amazing. Y’all. I’m a black woman (if that means anything) with HS and putting this cream on day and night does wonders for my sores, whether they are just popping up or in the midst of healing. I love the smell too. Safe to use on your vagina as well!!

  293. Claudia

    My daughter is much better with that wonderful cream, thank you so much.👏

  294. Claudine

    It shipped quickly. Let’s see if it works

  295. Tisha

    Product had good smell with nice consistency as ointment.

  296. kbryant1892

    This is a really awesome product. It smells amazing and it’s really soothing. I put it on at night, woke up… and completely forgot I had pain the night before. It really calmed my inflammation and feels great. I rate it 5+ stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  297. Kathleen

    so far it is working on it

  298. Ashley

    First, HS is not an easy thing to deal with so I’m glad I came across this product. I love the consistency, the smell and the results! It’s day three and I had at least 4-5 open wounds, now I only have 1. I also really appreciated the guidelines that were sent with the product. Ive been using the product after every shower and then at least three times throughout the day/before bed. Love it!

  299. Keira

    It smells really good. 😃 It’s easy to apply and only a little bit at a time is powerful enough. It’s closing the wounds under my breast and stomach. Definitely will buy again.

  300. Bonita

    my grandaughter has only been using it for 2 days now. Iwill let you know the results as soon as we see somehealing. Thanks for making this. We are desperate.

  301. Katrina

    I have been so embarrassed of my scars from HS for many years. the first week I used this I started seeing a difference. I absolutely love it!

  302. Kishina

    Fast shipment. Excellent product. Great handout.

  303. Jamesbess

    Fast shipping! Just received my order today! I can’t wait to try it out.

  304. Lanxing

    In a matter of two days they were draining and the pain was gone. Thank you so much!! This stuff works wonders. I can sleep on my stomach now!!

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