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This is an ointment specifically designed with 38 essential oils, coconut oil, shea butter, and bees wax. This formula is made to ease the pain, the stop the bleeding, as well as reduce the open wounds caused by Hidradenitis Suppurativa. I am also hear to give advice, support, and answer any questions you may have.
Please note- Even though I’m having tremendous results with this ointment, I can’t offer refunds as even I can’t guarantee results with HS.



These essential oils were put together because of their pain relief, as well as their ability to close the wounds with continual treatment. You can apply this ointment anywhere from 4-6 times a day. Be sure to treat the wounds before bedtime, as well as after every shower.

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5 reviews for Amazing Ontiment’s HIDRADENITIS SUPPURATIVA Cream

  1. Delma Lopez Miller

    If you’re dealing with HS, this is a game changer…. It has helped me tremendously…keeps the HS at bay, no inflammation or new wounds…it has been a God send to me…THANK YOU MICHAEL!!!!!!!

  2. Keoichaun

    I have been dealing with HS for years now but did not know it had a name!!! I was getting huge bumps on my buttocks and it was taking months for them to heal. With this product it has quickened the healing process tremendously and new bumps don’t even come to full fruition with this ointment…..just wish it came in bigger sizes. THANK YOU❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. gloriabradleyhackett

    I just received my ointment yesterday. I was going to give it seven days before I wrote a review. I just couldn’t wait to submit my review. I’ve been struggling with this issue for years. I’ve tried everything and anything! I used the ointment for the first time yesterday and I already see a huge difference. No pain, itching, burning oozing, pus filled bumps! THIS OINTMENT IS TRULY AMAZING!!
    Thank you sooooo much!
    I’ll be ordering some eczema ointment for my granddaughter.
    What a blessing!

  4. Tierra

    Thank you so much for this product! I wanted to wait a little longer before reviewing but already I have seen a difference under my arms. I have dealt with such pain and discomfort for so many years. The pain can be debilitating and bring me to tears many times. Nothing has brought me relief as quickly as this has. I am currently using it at least twice a day. I hope to increase my usage and come back to review in a few more weeks. I’ve seen major difference in how my open wounds heal. They heal much faster and remain flatter. No new flares! Thank you a million times for your time and effort towards helping us live a life with even a little less pain. Words cannot express my gratitude!

  5. Nadya (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant product. My daughter has been suffering from Hidradenitis suppurativa for years. we tried lots of things and none worked.
    This product is a miracle, her skin is spot, itch and pain free. Thank you – I now have one happy confident girl.

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