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Review by Shannon

Definitely try this if you suffer from HS. Everybody’s body is different and what works for one, may not work for you, but keep trying things until you find your own medicine/ diet etc. that helps you manage your symptoms. I bought this cream as I’ve had HS for 20 years. I had a sinus tract in my groin for 4 years that caused me much pain, the doctor told me the only way next was to surgically remove it as I’d tried lots of antibiotics and creams. It was in a place that I knew would be hard to heal. I tried this cream, used it 6-8 times per day liberally + metanium (UK nappy cream) on top and it was gone in 3 months. Now only just some small scarring that causes me absolutely no problems. I have other more minor flares and use this cream daily to keep on top of things. Thank you very much Michael!