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Review by Michelle

Michael, I’ve used your product at least twice a day since received; it’s been a little over 2 weeks now. So, far it has been the best thing, calming my HS. I’m currently in mild to moderate stage (I believe more mild). I was officially diagnosed in March of 2022 and had been suffering with continuous boils for a while. I really didn’t want this to get worse and didn’t know why I was suffering with multiple boils, bleeding, etc. At my wits end I ordered your ointment knowing there were no guarantees. I’m glad I did and have just ordered the 4 oz. jar. The quality of this product is excellent, it matches the description, and so far, after 2 weeks, it has definitely met my expectation. The smell for me is a little like menthol, but not bad. I’ll take the smell anytime to keep the results I’ve experienced. Thank you, Michael!