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Review by Melody

I am so thankful that I finally found some kind of product to help with HS..It is bad enough to have it, but worse yet are the places where this thinks want to grow at on your body, the most private places.. I had severe acne growing up, but nothing like this till in my late 50’s.. I am diabetic, but still all the many painful incisions at the ER for draining these nasty things and antibiotics.. This by far is the best treatment ever.. and after doing some research I changed my soap, I had always used Ivory soap my entire life, Now I am using Dial White soap, and I think that along with your amazing product is helping so much. Yes there is a bit of a medicinal odor.. but there is no pus draining on my body.. and I want to keep it that way.. I am so greatful for this product, and am surprised that Doctors don’t know of this…