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Review by Maliya

BUY THIS PRODUCT BUY THIS PRODUCT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!! i am FOREVER GRATEFUL to be introduced to this cream. Michael is an amazing man and very helpful and is happy to answer questions from ANYBODY about this cream. when i tell you i’ve seen results faster than any other product i have EVER used!!!! i’m not lying! this cream has changed my life and has given me hope again for the future of my skin, and i recommend to anyone dealing with HS. my inflammation and pain has gone down DRASTICALLY. before the cream i would deal with waking up to pus and blood in the morning, and since using the cream, its reduced it so much to where i can sleep comfortably and even sleep on my stomach (which i couldn’t do before)! the cream has also eliminated a lot of the odor and has a fresh tea tree oil scent to it. i love this product!💕