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Review by Echo

Wow wow WOW! Been struggling with HS for years and have tried everything under the sun and this stuff really works! A little bit goes a long way too. This jar lasted me about a month. It spreads easily and absorbs well so no sticky feeling. Smells like turmeric and essential oils, so if you’re sensitive to those smells it might not be for you. I quite like the smell, personally. I have experienced no new outbreaks and my skin heals more and more every day. This stuff is a godsend and I just ordered the larger 4 oz jar. Comes with a sweet, encouraging note and some tips for managing HS. This performed beyond my expectations. For those wondering about my routine, I was the affected areas between 1-2x a day. I then disinfect with a bit of alcohol on a cotton pad. I then put on the cream and allow it to sink in for 5 minutes. Viola!