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Review by Amy

I have what I think is HS. Although I haven’t been “diagnosed” with HS. I have what seems to be after doing tons of research. Alot is scaring from over the years of not knowing how to treat them. I came in contact with this company. I am so thankful I did! Within a hr it took away some of the cluster. I ordered it Fri and got it today Monday, with results! I have tried SO many different things. From BoilGone, dark spot creams, cleansers, just about every recommendation. I haven’t seen a Dermatologist due to Health insurance. I did take pictures of the worst ones I have. Will update if the go away. I’m so self conscious. But they are reducing! I am in total shock I found a product that is helping me day 1. Now I just need to figure how to lighten the scarring.